Goal 1000

This is how they change the data to make the past colder and present warmer. They cherry-pick and frame charts in a way to give a faulty picture. You heard that right, they don't publish the raw measurement data, but instead "correct" the measurements to what they think "it should be". Then the media runs with the most hysterical interpretation. When scientists finally correct the propagandist framing the correction is never reported on. How come it's impossible to escape constant climate alarmism while very few have even heard more level headed arguments? Here are just a few examples. Please continue down this rabbit hole. Once you've seen a few clear examples from their fairly simple box of tricks you'll have a strong immunity to the lies:

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World’s second-worst scientist? (check out the deceptively picked data on wildfires)
Data tampering complete: Mission accomplished! (the manipulation of temperature measurements)
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All charts used here are very common and largely uncontested except for some minor details. The only "controversial" one is the last one that shows temperatures over the past 11 000 years as it contradicts the thoroughly debunked hockey stick.

Fossil fuels are both cheap and plentiful energy as well as increased agricultural production due higher CO2 levels. They are a big win-win for humanity at this stage. With increased fertilization we can expect a massive increase in biomass and agricultural output with higher CO2-levels. Around 1000 ppm seems to be the optimal amount for plants and it's a low normal for thriving life on this planet. So I suggest we increase the levels to that at the end of the century while regreening the planet. Here is a study of optimal levels for common grasses:

"The optimal CO2 levels... for the total biomass were 915, 1178, and 1386 ppm for tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, and Kentucky bluegrass, respectively."

Now it's time to talk about the huge benefits of increased carbon in the atmosphere and call out the claim that it leads to climate disaster.

What to expect with higher carbon dioxide levels

This might be the most important graph when it comes to CO2 and temperature. This is what the real relationship between carbon dioxide levels and temperature looks like during the past 500+ million years. There is no clear correlation. CO2 is a mild greenhouse gas. During 80% of post-Cambrian abundant plant and animal life's history, we've had CO2 levels of 1000-5000 ppm. We've had ice ages at carbon dioxide levels of around 5000 ppm (see 439 million years BP). So 1000 ppm, that I've drawn in green on the right edge, is not a radical proposal.

During the past 150 million years up to 90% of carbon has been sucked out of the atmosphere due to geological processes. We went from around 3000 ppm to under 300 ppm - 180-280 ppm as seen below.

This is the time frame and data that is often used to push carbon dioxide hysteria. The CO2-levels have been 180-280 ppm while plants start to die under 150 ppm. CO2 and temperature have tracked closely the past millions of years, but not in the way that propagandists propose. The CO2 concentration actually FOLLOWS temperature as warmer oceans can hold less CO2.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. That much is true. That's why few scientists deny we're contributing to the mild warming by increasing it. Climate disaster is another matter. This is carbon dioxide's part as a greenhouse gas. It's a minuscule 0.04 % (400 ppm) of the atmosphere and only 3.6 % as a greenhouse gas. Most of the heat captured in the atmosphere is done by water vapor (95 %). Carbon dioxide's true greenhouse gas property lies in it getting plants to thrive and make them more heat resistant. It's not a magical heating knob, but a magical greening knob.

This 3” bottle cap opener in antiqued gold is a representation of the carbon dioxide molecule. It has “G 1000” written on it for “Goal 1000 parts per million of carbon dioxide”. It comes with a key chain.

These are my main claims on the subject of carbon dioxide and catastrophic climate change:

1. There is no doubt that we can grow all plant production significantly and agricultural output with staggering amounts with increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. With hemp that means a green abundance of almost all consumer products – food and feed, medicine and recreation, plastics, cosmetics, fuel, textiles, paper, building materials, etc.

2. No matter what bankers, politicians, CEOs and others who heroically leave their mansions to take private jets to climate conferences say, the science of catastrophic climate change is extremely flimsy. It's a cavalcade of changed, cherry-picked, fraudulently framed measurements and computer models over reality that are hysterically exaggerated and pushed by a certain culture in the media machine.

What to focus on instead:
– Animal welfare
– Real pollution (including smog and oil spills)
– Bioplastics
– Honeybee colony collapse solution (organic agriculture and hemp?)
– Decreased wood producing forest area (through hemp) and more old forests
– Healthy reforestation and other terraforming
–  Permaculture solutions over excessive mono agriculture
– Clean and replenished oceans and lakes to stop overfishing
– Recycling
– Space object and -phenomena observation and preparedness
- Protecting the electricity grid and IT from solar eruptions

- Pandemic prevention and antibiotic resistent bacteria cures

Or with

This is the temperature over the past 542 million years. We've been bouncing at all-time lows the past millions of years. We're in an interglacial period - a short warmer period between ice ages. The past interglacials and ice ages can be seen between 10 000 and 500 000 years and the current interglacial is underlined with red. It can be seen in more detail below.

As you can see the temperatures have been fluctuating a lot during this interglacial period. We've been coming out of the little ice age for a couple of hundred years now so some warming is to be expected. It's nothing out of the ordinary. Rest assured, the alarmist climate hysteria is a product of manipulated data and media propaganda. Thank God we're able to easily increase carbon dioxide levels.


In more depth

I'm not going to go into details about the alarmist "science". A lot of smart people, like world-renowned climate scientist Lennart Bengtsson, have done good work exposing what's going on in that field. It resembles cannabis and psychedelic "science" of past decades, fat vs carbohydrate "science", economics without addressing usury, not to mention the gender studies of today.

Modern climate science is the equivalent of the geocentric flat earth model of our time in that it's highly anthropocentric (looks mainly at human influence), relies on computer models over reality and has a foregone conclusion (that of CO2 demonization). They actually manipulate the data to fit this conclusion. It's political propaganda disguised as science. It doesn't resemble real science at any level. It's outright deceptive.

By teaching the public at large about just three main statistical tricks that are used in climate alarmist circles the people would be well inoculated to their deceit.

1. The "corrections" in global temperature records to fit the alarmist narrative - cooling of the past and warming of the present. Erasing the medieval warm period, for instance, as they discussed in emails in the 1990s, but also changing measurement records from the 1850's onward.

2. The cut-off point for weather phenomena and ice sheet coverage. The cut-off point tends to be the late 1970's or around 1980.

3. Putting carbon dioxide levels in a global historical perspective over hundreds of millions of years instead of just the past few million years.

Also, a bigger perspective, in general, is missing, just like on most other issues.

The simple biblical logic of the principle goes like this. On yowm two God creates the waters below seperated from the waters above (oceans and atmosphere). On yowm three God creates land and lets it bring forth plant life. On yowm four the sun, moon, and stars come about with the purpose of defining cycles. This is the only part of the whole text of Geneis that departs from how we today understand the chronology. Of course, the ancients knew plants thrive in sun light so this tells us something. The ancients often viewed something as existing when it got it's function. So this points to a biocentric perspective where the sky light's purpose is to serve life, even simple plant life. Compared to other beliefs at the time where the sun was worshipped. Ok, so the let's apply the same principle of three to four (sky lights are for plant life) to three to two - What kind of atmosphere best serves plant life? Turns out the optimal carbon dioxide level for plant life is around 1000 ppm or 0.1 %.