"Goal 1000"

“3” is about the basics of the universe and life. The third "day" of creation deals with biocentrism in the form of plants.

It stands for the three atoms in the CO2 molecule. They have the letter “G” on one side and “1000” on the other, for “Goal 1000 parts per million of carbon dioxide”.

This is just a friendly reminder that plants really love CO2 and that the normal level for thriving life on earth has been 1000-5000 ppm. We were at a mere 180-280 ppm before the industrial age. Plants start to die under 150 ppm. Around 1000 ppm is optimal for plants.

Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is LOVE for plants and by proxy animals and us. The challenges with oil and coal are smog, oil spills, non-repaired mining sites, nano-particle- and plastic pollution, and of course economics and politics.

I claim this topic has never been gone through thoroughly by the people, the demos of "democracy". They say the discussion is over but has "the discussion" been a distant one of some "experts" saying something and the media machinery going along with the agenda whole-heartedly and uncritically (view this video) or has there been an honest information campaign and discussion - documentaries for, against and some more nuanced, all with accompanying discussions? Going through the information and arguments. Old established media has never done anything like that. That sounds like something democratic media would do.  more...

"Image of God"

"7” is about completion, wholeness, oneness, rest. The seventh "day" of creation deals with humanity learning about spiritual light and darkness (see A).

This pendant calls us to recognize we’re all made in the image of God. It's a friendly reminder that we shouldn’t judge based on sex, gender/personality, skin color or sexuality (between consenting adults), etc. As the scientific community and mass-culture as a whole seem to have forgotten this once again.

Instead, we should go beyond superficial traits and focus on truth, love, goodness, virtues, character, morals, philosophies, world views, politics, lifestyles, ideas, diets, beliefs, practices, etc. more...

The Self-Evidently Good, True and Beautiful

"Law of Liberty"

“O” (omega) is about the end (of history) and deals with the foundation of optimal politics - (Global National) Universal Individual Liberty. It upgrades what passes for a social contract to a justified and equal social agreement.

This pendant says “Liberty, both negative- and positive-, is THE universal human right as real as the fact that we have separate bodies, and government/laws should be shaped accordingly.”

On one side it has the human body and personal space representing negative Liberty - “Your body, your choice. Live and let live”. On the other side, it has planet earth representing positive Liberty. It’s for our home planet and the natural resources we all share in.

I claim this is an objectively free and equal basis for law among adults for any species with separate bodies. It fulfills all the good we say we believe in while unleashing positive creative powers unseen in human history. I'd like to point out it's clearly a central (Judeo-)Christian value as well. more...

"Eden Equation"

“A” (alpha) is about the beginning and deals with our origin story.

I will show in a rational and obvious way that the 3300 years old biblical origin story tells of events that differ only slightly from what we today understand through science. It just adds a couple of absolutely essential things to the story of the human experience. Those being the effect of the central substances (alcohol and cannabis) and a pre-/mid historic massive civilization-destroying flood cataclysm.

This series of events is both scientifically and biblically founded:
1. The universe began and space was created beginning with light and then darkness. After increasingly complex life evolved/developed on earth the process culminated in humans.
2. In humans began and developed a world of psyche, concepts, culture, language.
3. At some point, we started blackout drunkenness. It obviously started with the eating of fermented fruit before evolving into wine and vineyards and alcoholic grain drinks.
4. (During the end of the last ice age,) we experienced global water cataclysms that certainly affected early humans harshly.

This is just a friendly reminder that we’ve made a strange choice with regard to alcohol (fermented fruit=bacterial excrement) and cannabis hemp/herb (the central plant for humans materially, medically and spiritually - the secular case is made in this work).

We should strongly reconsider this choice and legalize and utilize hemp-herb fully. more...





Or with

This four-piece transcendental teleological guide coin object is embued with the basics of life and how we should live together. A recipe for life in peace and abundance for everyone forever.

In short:
LOVE turned can only be written 3AO7. Each of these four symbols are predefined thousands of years ago. You can find the numbers on the first page of the bible and the letters on the last page. They are defined perfectly logically and coherently as follows.

3: (hard science) Has to do with optimal carbon dioxide levels for plants as yowm/"day" three is when plants were created. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Let's show the plants some love.

A: (science-religion) Alfa is the first letter in the Greek alphabet and deals with the beginning, our origin story. It says legalize and utilize hemp and other central plants. 

O: (legal-economic) Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and deals with the end of history, the optimal political foundation - every individual's full basic Liberty, both positive- and negative.

7: (legal-social) Has to do with learning to distinguish between spiritual light and darkness, good and bad. So it tells us not to focus on different demographical traits like sex/gender, skin color/ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, etc. but character instead.

So if I could get just one word in edgewise this is it.

(as a necklace)



*The gold is made of a copper/zinc alloy and the silver is simulated using nickel. The two pendants with silver are minted with a 3D mold leaving the silver indented.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed... with Liberty and Justice for All..."

"2 + 2 = 4"